Tennessee Midwives Association Practice Guidelines

Midwifery care is the autonomous practice of giving care to women during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period, as well as care to the newborn infant. Midwifery care is provided in accordance with established standards, which promote safe and competent care. The Midwife implements these standards through adherence to the Tennessee Midwives Association (TMA) Practice Guidelines and MANA’s Core Competencies.

Evaluation of the childbearing woman is an on-going process, including risk screening to assess and identify conditions which may indicate a deviation from normalcy. The identification of those conditions may require physician involvement. In making this assessment, a Midwife relies on her/his training, skill, and clinical judgment.

This document is representative and not an exhaustive list of the conditions that a Midwife may encounter. This document is not meant to replace the clinical judgment or experience of the Midwife. There may be variations based on agreements between individual midwives and their consulting physicians.