VIII. Newborn Care

After the birth of the baby, the Midwife shall assess, monitor, and support the baby during the immediate postpartum period until the baby is in stable condition and during the on-going postpartum period.

A.     Immediate Newborn Care

1.   Overall newborn well-being and initial assessment;

2.   Respond to the need for newborn resuscitation;

3.   APGAR scores at 1 and 5 minutes, and at 10 minutes when indicated.

B.     Newborn Physical Exam

1.   Weight and measurements;

2.   Temperature;

3.   Feeding;

4.   Bowel/bladder function;

5.   Reflexes;

6.   Physical deviations from normal;

7.   Clamping and cutting of umbilical cord;

8.   Eye prophylaxis, pursuant to TCA 68-5-202;

9.   Administration of vitamin K, orally or intramuscularly;

10. Concerns of the family.

C.     Ongoing Newborn Care

1.   Vital signs,  as appropriate;

2.   Tone/Reflexes;

3.   Feeding;

4.   Bowel/bladder function;

5.   Color;

6.   Weight gain;

7.   Perform or refer for newborn metabolic screening pursuant to TCA 68-5-401;

8.   Refer for newborn hearing screening, pursuant to TCA 68-5-904;

9.   Concerns of the family.