X. Administration of Prescribed Medications


Upon the administration of any prescribed medication(s), the Midwife shall document in the client’s chart the type of prescribed medication(s) administered, name of prescribed medication, expiration date, lot number, dosage, method of administration, site of administration, date, time, and the prescribed medication’s effect.

       Administration of Medications by a Midwife shall include:

A.    Rh Immune Globulin;

B.    Oxygen;

C.    Pitocin, Methergine, and Cytotec, postpartally (as described under section XI. Emergency Care, below);

D.    Local anesthetic for perineal repair;

E.     Prophylactic ophthalmic medication for newborn;

F.     Vitamin K, orally or intramuscularly, for newborn;

            G.     Other medications, as prescribed.